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Our Mission: House Church Planting

Jane India Mission started off with a very important mission, which is to start various house churches, gather the localites in the comfort of their own villages, thereby taking the community care to them in their own language. We have set tentative visions of the number of house churches we want to build for the Glory of God and for the upliftment of His people. Right now we have closely over 270 house churches around Karnataka. Started off with a vision of 10 house churches, later changed to 50, then to 100, we are now aiming at a 1000 house churches by 2030. These Churches are crucial in playing a role in lives of the downtrodden and outcast by counselling them personally, leading families to unity, bringing drunkards and chainsmokers out of addiction, introducing the concept of community fellowship in villages.

Church Planting: Image
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